Spring Tips! Paint Your Home Exterior Before You Garden

Spring is right around the corner, and most homeowners are looking forward to gardening and landscaping. It might be tempting to buy your mulch and potted plants and get to work. However, if your house needs new exterior paint, you should complete that before doing anything else outside.

Don’t Put Off Your Important Paint Project

It’s a bad idea to procrastinate when it comes to exterior paint. When the paint gets too old, the exposed wood will begin to rot due to exposure to the elements. Additionally, many other exterior components can suffer when their paint protection has worn away. The longer you procrastinate, the more repairs will be needed when the project is finally underway.

Paint First, Garden Second

So much work goes into an exterior paint project. And it’s somewhat expected that some of your plants will be trampled on. Additionally, paint overspray can end up on mulch surrounding the house. Hence it makes sense to invest in your gardening and landscaping after the painting project is completed.

Weather Considerations

Spring and fall weather are ideal conditions for exterior painting. For the most durable and protective finish, you should paint in temperatures above 50°F. However, higher temperatures can be bad for paint. When the paint dries too quickly from higher temperatures it can affect the finish.

There are many additional weather issues that can make it difficult to achieve a quality finish. If you’re not an experienced painter, consider hiring a professional. Professionals understand how to deal with each of the following situations:

  • The weather might start off mild but then become uncomfortably hot. Whatever the ambient temperature is, sunlit surfaces are typically 10 to 20 degrees hotter. A good rule of thumb is to work your away around the house following the shade. It’s better for the paint and you’ll feel cooler, as an added bonus.
  • Avoid painting on a windy day because, like too much sun, excess wind can cause latex paint to dry too fast. Additionally, contaminants like dust and dirt can become embedded in the paint, affecting the finish and promoting mildew growth.
  • Make sure to keep an eye on weather forecasts to avoid painting on rainy days.

Maximize Curb Appeal

A big investment in gardening and landscaping can only spruce up your home so much if the paint is peeling. If your house is painted with the right high-quality paint, it could be ten years or more before painting is needed again. As a long term investment, buying the best 100% acrylic latex paint and applying either two coats or a primer and one coat is less expensive than buying cheap paint, which can last as few as two to four years. Hiring professional painters is the best way to guarantee a durable and beautiful exterior paint job.

When your paint project is complete, it’s time to start your yard work. Let your landscaping and gardening enhance your new paint job.



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