Outdoor Painting Projects for Spring

Spring seems to have arrived early this year. It’s time to get started with those outdoor painting projects. Here are some great ideas for an outdoor painting project.

The exterior of your home

Probably the biggest outdoor painting project you can take on is the exterior of your home. When paint starts to fade, whether on vinyl, wood, or any other painted siding, it really lowers your home’s curb appeal. Favorable weather conditions make an exterior painting project perfect for spring.

Deck staining and painting

How long has your deck gone without a coat of paint or stain? Every two to three years is a good rule of thumb for another coat. The barbecue season is coming. It’s time to spruce up your deck.

Trellises and pergolas

These are also easy to forget about. Pergolas and trellises should definitely be on your spring painting list if they’re looking a little worn. While vines and climbing plants can sometimes hide faded stains/paints and blemishes, they can also highlight them depending on the contrasting colors. So don’t rely on your morning glories to hide faded paint!

It’s easy to forget about trellises and pergolas but they should definitely be on your to-do list this spring if they are worn or faded. Vegetation may hide faded finishes or blemishes, but the wrong type of plant may actually accentuate the blemishes.

Don’t forget: if the paint is peeling, make sure to scrape the peeling paint off before applying a new coat.


Wooden fences need just as much maintenance as your deck or home exterior. If your painted fence is peeling or the stain has faded and worn away, the underlying wood is exposed and could begin to rot. Sweeten the curb appeal of your home by freshening up your fence.



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