The RCF Story

In the beginning, it was all about doing a side job. Working 70 hours a week, 40 for my employer and 30 for myself. I was fully dedicated to making my customers happy and getting the job done clean and quick. No matter the customer or the size of the job, I would make sure the job was PERFECT before collecting payment. With these values in place, I began to build a client base.

As job after job came rolling in, I began honing my skills as an entrepreneur, a salesman, and a painter. I learned not only is it important to have straight lines and an even sheen on walls, but if I made a mistake I would have to pay for that mistake out of my own pocket. And in some cases, I could end up doing the job for free.  Damaging a floor, breaking something, or not doing the job correctly was not an option because those mistakes cost money. Of the many lessons learned, I feel the most important was how to efficiently move through the customers home without disrupting the flow of the household all while delivering the finished product as promised.

In 2012,  Rhodes Custom Finishes was established. I wanted RCF to be a painting company that delivered the highest quality finishes, while being conscious of the consumer’s budget. This sounds typical with most companies, but here at RCF we stand behind that goal. It is not necessary to charge astronomical rates to make money. By having our excellent staff trained in proper industry standard methods and being exceptionally efficient in our work, we will achieve our goals.

Not every job will be easy for me and my painters, but we always leave a room much better looking than when I started. We understand that doing the job correctly the first time is vital to our success as a company. RCF is built on the roots of good quality business. We develop strong relationships with our clients, not because I am so charming… 🙂  but because we are honest. I do not sell services we cannot perform or have zero knowledge of, and never skip steps when applying our coatings. We want your home to look as beautiful as our own homes. The reaction of a customer being extremely happy with the work we have done for them is the driving force behind RCF.